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Get help with building and maintaining your website or online shop!
We build your website or online shop for you and then we maintain it for you on a monthly basis.
We do everything for you without you having to hire a website designer or doing all the work yourself...
Contact us and we can perhaps develop a solution for your business or charity.

What we can do for you!

We can assist you with all of the following services that you may require.
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I only want emails and my business card on my website page or my businesses contact details.
I have a domain name but I need website hosting and emails only.
Point your domain name to us.
I want hosting for a WordPress website so my designer or I can build it ourselves going forward.
I want a website / shop installed so that someone at my business can manage it onsite and we can make our own changes.
I want a website designer installed so that I can build my own website or shop and make changes to the website or shop.
I have a website or shop already but I require it to be updated or changes made on my existing website or shop.
I do not know how to build a website so I want a website built for me and maintained on a monthly basis.
I do not know how to build a shop so I want an online shop built for me and maintained on a monthly basis.
I need a logo, business card, A5 flyer, business stationery or email footer or other marketing material designed.


Servicing clients since 1997
"Personalised attention makes the difference..."

"Simple, easy and effective services which work well on the cellphone too and website loads very fast , not heaps of confusing animations.."
"Full marks to AcGeer who construct websites and get email set up and running in no time!"
"A wonderful experience...website is well structured and laid out and easy to navigate."

"Always reliable, well researched advice which smacks of experience."
Wherever you want to go to with your website, we can take you there...

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